Friday, December 11, 2009

Their Predictions have been wrong over and over - but here they go again

Copenhagen climate conference: Met Office predict 2010 will be warmest on record
However sceptics point out that the Met Office said 2007 would be the warmest on record, but it was not in the top five. The weather service also drew criticism for claiming this year’s wet summer would be a “BBQ” summer.

Lord Lawson pointed out that temperatures have been constant since 2001 and accused the Met Office of “misrepresenting” the data to support the argument for global warming.
"As a result of the absence of any recorded 21st century warming trend, the formulation now favoured by climate campaigners is that the last decade has been the warmest since records began,” he said. “It is rather as if the world's population had stopped rising and all the demographers could say was that global population had been the highest ever recorded.”  Read more.

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