Saturday, October 31, 2009

The EU is all about Continentalism - Copenhagen will enshrine protectionism.

The EU wants every country to agree to extreme greenhouse gas reductions - so that when those countries don't reach those goals they would be restricted with trade penalties.

The fact that the EU will not commit to a contribution for poor countries exposes the true nature of this diplomatic effort.

Climate change deal under threat as Europe fails to 'put money on the table'

European Union leaders have failed to agree a financial deal for measures to combat climate change, despite a plea from the UN for a breakthrough in negotiations.
However, although EU leaders agreed the world should pay around £90 billion a year by 2020, they failed to pledge a certain amount from Europe. Only £45 billion of the global fund would come from public money and the rest would be from the private sector through carbon trading. Read More.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Putting the 'mental' in environmental by LORRIE GOLDSTEIN

With the huge UN climate change conference in Copenhagen to come up with a successor treaty to the Kyoto Accord now just 40 days away -- it starts Dec. 7 -- you'd think its supporters would be praising Kyoto's environmental achievements by now.

After all, if you want 190 nations to continue the ... uh ... "fight" against global warming, shouldn't its advocates be citing its many successes?  Read more.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sooo, Things aren't going to change much after all

10 to 1 that this guy nabs a juicy grant to research this potential catastrophy.

Climate change will devastate Africa, top UK scientist warnsProfessor Sir Gordon Conway warns continent will face intense droughts, famine, disease and floods
One of the world's most influential scientists has warned that climate change could devastate Africa, predicting an increase in catastrophic food shortages.

Professor Sir Gordon Conway, the outgoing chief scientist at the UK's Department for International Development, and former head of the philanthropic Rockefeller Foundation, argued in a new scientific paper (pdf) that the continent is already warming faster than the global average and that people living there can expect more intense droughts, floods and storm surges. Read more.

Who benefits from Climate Change Hysteria?

There are many who expect to make a killing on Climate Change legislation. The battle lines are drawn and taxpayers are caught in the middle.

Economics of climate change in forefront

Senate panel takes up bill, setting stage for fight over estimates
For a decade or more, the political battle over climate change has been fought largely over the validity of the science of global warming. But Tuesday, as the Environment and Public Works Committee opened its first hearing on a Senate climate change bill, those concerns took a rear seat to a different issue: the potential economic impact of climate change.

And the scene was set for a battle over best estimates. Read more.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

EU - Seeks new ways to invoke protectionism

Many in the EU see a climate change treaty as another tool that can be used to bolster their bloated government controlled economies.

EU leaders seek treaty, climate change deals
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union leaders hope to reach a deal at a summit this week removing the last obstacles to a treaty to give the bloc more global clout, but face a battle over funding for a global climate change agreement.
Failure to break the deadlock would risk leaving the 27-country bloc looking impotent when it is trying to strengthen its role on the world stage and the influence of emerging powers such as China is growing following the economic crisis. Read more.

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt - Spread the FUD

Here is another fear story with the key word being "may" when used to describe potential disaster. We have to start asking who benefits from this kind of fearmongering.

Australia coastal living at risk
About 80% of Australians live in coastal areas
Australia may have to force people to evacuate coastal areas as rising sea levels threaten thousands of homes, an official report has warned. Read more.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Energy Dept. Aid for Scientists on the Edge

This is why scientists promote man made global warming - the Government Grants!
How can you suck millions of dollars from taxpayers if there is no crisis?

WASHINGTON — The federal Energy Department will make good on a pledge for a bolder technology strategy on Monday, awarding research grants for ideas like bacteria that will make gasoline, enzymes that will capture carbon dioxide to counter global warming and batteries so cheap that they will allow the use of solar power all night long. Read more.

Climate Alarmists: Understandable Motivations, Unknowable Results

On October 7, hordes of business executives prepped at the White House and then descended on (ascended to?) the Congress in support of climate change legislation. The thrust of their presentation was that cap and trade would stimulate the economy — particularly the economies of the companies for which they work.

Without even getting into dubious economic stuff, who would benefit financially or politically, or whether United States enactment of climate change legislation is needed to help President Obama confirm his humble place on the world stage, a useful preliminary question is whether any climate change legislation would have a beneficial impact on, well, the climate. Read more.

’Nullius in verba’

Advice we should all heed.

The Royal Society's motto 'Nullius in verba', roughly translated as 'Take nobody's word for it', dates back to 1663, and is an expression of the determination of the Fellows to withstand the domination of authority (such as in Scholasticism) and to verify all statements by an appeal to facts determined by experiment. The Latin words (see below) are taken from a passage of Horace in which the poet compares himself to a gladiator, who, having earned peace and retirement, is free from control. Read more.

The real climate change catastrophe

In a startling new book, Christopher Booker reveals how a handful of scientists, who have pushed flawed theories on global warming for decades, now threaten to take us back to the Dark Ages

Next Thursday marks the first anniversary of one of the most remarkable events ever to take place in the House of Commons. For six hours MPs debated what was far and away the most expensive piece of legislation ever put before Parliament.

The Climate Change Bill laid down that, by 2050, the British people must cut their emissions of carbon dioxide by well over 80 per cent. Short of some unimaginable technological revolution, such a target could not possibly be achieved without shutting down almost the whole of our industrialised economy, changing our way of life out of recognition. Read more.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Send your money - A Indulgence for your Guilt

This is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on humanity. Its the Nigerian scam on steroids – The West is being asked to transfer its wealth to corrupt, backward and hostile regimes all over the world. All for absolutely nothing in return!
 International day of demonstrations on climate change Read more. The Sheep are angry.

India and China agree to united front on climate change

The posturing has begun for Copenhagen - India and China now agree that they have a pollution problem and that they are going to do nothing substantial about it. The agreement to look at the problem together however will be sold as a great step forward and therefore should undermine the West's contention that these two polluters aren't doing much to help. The calls for increased wealth transfers will climb to hysterical heights.
India and China's climate-change pact, signed Wednesday, will boost developing nations' bargaining power at the critical Copenhagen talks in December. Read more.

Get Ready for more of this - There is no debate for these people.

Pick an arbitrary number like 350 and rally round. These people do not care that reaching 350 PPM of co2 will only create hardship with no corresponding benefit.

About 100 environmental campaigners have gathered outside the Scottish Parliament to call for decisive action against climate change.

Organisers said they were joining participants in more than 150 countries across the world for the International Day of Climate Action. Read and have a good laugh.

Climate Bill will extract heavy cost for no discernable benefit.

Senate's climate bill a bit more ambitious

Early version would cap carbon allowance prices -- and deficit

Climate legislation took a small step forward late Friday night as Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Chairman Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) issued a version that includes big benefits for farmers, provisions for deficit reduction and a ceiling on carbon prices.

The proposal, sponsored by Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) and Boxer, calls for reducing U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 to a level 20 percent below 2005 emissions, a more ambitious target than the 17 percent set in a climate measure approved by the House in June. Read more.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Climate Change Shenanigans & Why You May Have To Send A Check To A Family In Paraguay Every Month

The Trifecta crew examines the possible effects of Obama signing a Copenhagen accord.  Watch the video.

We can afford to save the planet?

Yes we can if we stop wasting money on trying to stop climate change and focus our efforts on adapting and overcoming problems with ideas and technology.

Stories like this one in the Washington Post are trying to guilt trip us down the wrong path - but the question is a good one. Read more.

Friday, October 23, 2009

There May Be No Coping with Copenhagen

Obama’s signature on a climate treaty in December could irretrievably compromise American sovereignty.
In December, Obama may — emphasis may — make another visit to Copenhagen. If he does, watch out, as the stakes will be far greater than the well-being of a single city. What appears to hang in the balance is nothing less than the future of our country’s ability to determine its own destiny. Read more.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Closing the Window on the Left

The Transition to Hydrogen fuel – The window of opportunity for the Left - I wrote this back in 2005 and I still believe it applies today. Read it.

Video:Water as Fuel

While academia has been spurning the topic, hundreds, if not thousands of hobbyists and independent investigators worldwide are working on various electrolysis-like projects which put out more energy than was required to run the electrolysis unit. Watch Video.

Do it your-self electrolysis - Dangerously Fun

Electrolysis is the use of electricity to separate elements or compounds. Here the objective is to separate water into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas. This project can become dangerous if you decide to collect the gases. You won’t get pure oxygen unless your battery has platinum electrodes, but you can collect a sample of hydrogen gas. Hydrogen burns easily in air (Hindenburg) and burns vigorously with a clear flame when mixed with oxygen (space shuttle main engines). Read more.

Hydrogen Electrolysis

Hydrogen electrolysis is the process of running an electrical current through water (H2O) and separating the hydrogen from the oxygen. Hydrogen electrolysis has met commercial resistance in the past but much of that resistance is now fading. Hydrogen electrolysis now offers much hope for making real the dream of hydrogen cars running upon the hydrogen highways of the world. Read more.

Understanding How Water Molecules Split

In Canada, using electrolysis to split water molecules would be clean and inexpensive once our great hydro potential is harnessed.
Plants produce energy with the help of photosynthesis. One of the important steps of photosynthesis is splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen and release of energy in this process. Scientists are trying to duplicate this process in the laboratory for the production of energy i.e. hydrogen fuel. Hydrogen fuel is a clean and green alternative fuel. Now researchers are observing single oxygen atoms hopping on a metal oxide slab, glowing brighter here and dimmer there. This very process is helping chemists to understand how water splits into oxygen and hydrogen in a better way. This process is increasing the understanding of the chemical reaction that had previously only been talked about. This reaction will assist us in future to generate hydrogen fuel from water or to clean contaminated water. Read more.

NASA Researchers Explore Lightning's NOx-ious Impact on Pollution, Climate

And then there is this: each of those billion lightning flashes produces a puff of nitrogen oxide gas (NOx) that reacts with sunlight and other gases in the atmosphere to produce ozone. Near Earth’s surface, ozone can harm human and plant health; higher in the atmosphere, it is a potent greenhouse gas; and in the stratosphere, its blocks cancer-causing ultraviolet radiation. Read more.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Terror on Line

Turning power lines into battle lines

Terrorist groups and rogue states are moving their battle to the Internet. Our series explains how to fight it; Could cyber war plunge North America into darkness?
Anew and increasingly ominous threat to global security is growing in the shadowy realm of cyberspace. The danger does not stem from the usual suspects -- hackers and criminals who prowl the Internet to steal credit card numbers and personal identities. As we mark Cyber Security Awareness Month, there is growing evidence that cyber spies and cyber terrorists -- some working on their own, others sponsored by nation states -- have their eyes on a much bigger prize: North America's system of electrical generation and transmission.

Read more.

Hydrogen muscle silences the domestic robot

IF ROBOTS are ever going to be welcome in the home they will need to become a lot quieter. Building them with artificial muscles that run on hydrogen, instead of noisy compressed-air pumps or electric motors, could be the answer. Read more.

Climate Change: The Resilience Option

The Earth's climate is prone to sharp changes over fairly short periods of time. Plans that focus simply on stopping climate change are unlikely to succeed; fluctuations in the Earth's climate predate humanity. Rather than try to make the climate static, policymakers should focus on implementing resilience strategies to enable adaptation to a dynamic, changing climate. Resilience strategies can be successful if we eliminate current risk subsidies and privatize infrastructure. Read more.

Time for Inaction on Global Warming

Congress should consider the costs before passing "cap and trade."

"Global" and "warming" are perhaps the two most important words used to justify the approaching governmental control of our economy. In reality, global warming is barely occurring: In the 30 years starting in 1977, warming amounted to 0.32 degree Fahrenheit per decade, and in the next hundred years it is estimated to be about half a degree per decade. Read more.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Canada's Federal Debt Clock

This is going to be a deciding factor when we decide on an energy strategy in the near future.
Take a look.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Only Idiots Listen to these “Leaders” From Canada Free Press

Ban Ki-moon, Al Gore, Barack Obama,

Only Idiots Listen to these “Leaders”

By Alan Caruba Monday, October 19, 2009

Not long ago U.N. Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, told everyone they only had a few weeks in order to save the Earth from “climate change” and this week it’s the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Gordon Brown.

Ever since he was Vice President and a defeated candidate for the presidency, Al Gore has been telling people the Earth is doomed.

President Obama talks about climate change—remember when it used to be global warming?—and will no doubt sign the treaty coming out of a “climate” conference in Copenhagen in December. The real problem will be whether the Senate will ratify it because, if it does, the U.S. Constitution will be nullified in favor of a global government.

Ever since the first United Nations conference on “global warming” the only goal has been to establish a global government so that the “leaders” could grow wealthy while the rest of mankind is treated like cattle.

Why would anyone believe anything as preposterous as the claims being made regarding global warming or climate change?

Consider what happens when climate and natural events occur? If it’s a drought, people have to flee to find sources of water. If it’s a flood, people have to flee to avoid being drowned. If it’s a hurricane, they often have to evacuate and, even if they don’t, their homes can be flattened by the winds. Anybody remember Hurricane Katrina?

If a lightning strike sets off a forest fire, people have to get away from it. If a blizzard hits a city or a rural area, people have to wait for the roads to be cleared. If a mudslide occurs, those in its path get killed.

For the past ten years the Sun has moved into a cycle in which it is virtually free of sunspots; magnetic storms on its surface. In that time, the Earth has been cooling and in October, early autumn, parts of this nation and other places around the world are getting snow. Overall, the temperatures are falling and breaking records that have existed for a century or more.

Why then is a climate change conference based on claims of “global warming” even being held? Answer: Because it has nothing to do with the climate and everything to do with the destruction of the right of local people exercising local control over their lives through elections.

The further away from the source of government, the less control people have. This was the reason the U.S. Constitution cedes most governing power to the States and puts limits on federal power. Those limits have been steadily eroded since the middle of the last century.

Imagine, now, decisions being made about your life, your choices, by unelected bureaucrats in some far-off place, completely protected from public opinion.

A YouTube video of Lord Christopher Monckton, former science advisor to British PM Margaret Thatcher, addressing a recent event at Bethel University in St. Paul, MN, has gone “viral” as people share it with friends, family, and colleagues.

In his speech, he says of the Copenhagen climate change treaty that “a world government is going to be created. The word ‘government’ actually appears as the first of three purposes of the new entity. The second purpose is the transfer of wealth from the countries of the West to third world countries, in satisfaction of what is called, coyly, ‘climate debt’ because we’ve been burning CO2 and the haven’t”

“How many of you think that the word ‘election’ or ‘democracy’ or ‘vote’ or ‘ballot’ occurs anywhere in the 200 pages of that treaty? Quite right, it doesn’t appear once.”

“And the trouble is this; if that treaty is signed, your Constitution says that it takes precedence over your Constitution and you can’t resign from that treaty unless you get agreement from all the other state parties—and because you’ll be the biggest paying country, they’re not going to let you out of it.”

“They are about to impose a communist world government on the world.”

Who do you trust? Ban Ki-moon? Gordon Brown whom most of the British will replace at their next election? Tony Blair, a former British PM who wants to be the next president of the European Union? Former President Bill Clinton? His former Vice President, Al Gore? President Barack Hussein Obama? The many CEOs of corporations who want a piece of the climate change pie? The financial markets that want to trade in “carbon credits” instead of equities backed up by something of actual value?

Or none of them because they all will be running the new world government, because they have all been lying about climate change for years, because they don’t care about the United States, the United Kingdom, or any of the other free nations that will be subject to the great gray army of bureaucrats who will kneel before them.

Only idiots listen to and believe these “leaders”!

Only idiots listen to and believe these “leaders”!

They are the same kind of “leaders” that, in the last century, dragged Europe into war twice, destroying its economies and destroying its cities and peoples. Ditto for the Empire of Japan during WW2.

They are the same kind of “leaders” that foisted communism on Russia in 1917 until in 1991 it finally failed of its own dead weight.

These are the same present-day “leaders” who think they can “negotiate” with crazy Islamic fanatics who can’t wait to get their hands on nuclear weapons.

Who cleaned up the mess those former leaders left behind in World War II? Americans. Whose dollar is being destroyed by a President that has foisted more debt on the nation in nine months than all previous presidents combined? Americans.

Whose lives, dreams, and hopes are going to be destroyed by the present administration and Congress rushing to “reform” the nation’s healthcare system, the best in the world, and to enact a huge energy tax via cap-and-trade? Americans.

Who will send U.S. representatives to Copenhagen and who will sign that horrid treaty?

It has the putrid odor of treason.

Editor’s Note: Want to read the UN Climate Change treaty?

Alan Caruba Most recent columns

Alan has a daily blog called Warning Signs. His latest book is Right Answers: Separating Fact from Fantasy.

Alan can be reached at acaruba@aol.comOlder articles by Alan Caruba

Five Technologies That Could Change Everything

This is an interesting collection of "Pie in the Sky" technology that requires too much retooling to be successful.

Canadians can think in a much more practical way about energy. We want to protect the sovereignty of our North and build a strong economy - The logical answer is to harness our northern rivers and produce hydrogen gas!!
The lack of potential for cheaply producing hydrogen in the USA will lead to very expensive, inefficient technology like those outlined in this NY Times article.

Harper's inconvenient truth

The prime minister knows cap-and-trade is wrong for Canada and bad for Canadians. He should say it
Read more.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kyoto Protocol Dead, Says NPR

Future Unlikely For Kyoto Climate Treaty
The landmark Kyoto climate treaty, a global warming pact negotiated 12 years ago, is unlikely to live on after its 2012 end date.

During climate talks in Bangkok last week it became apparent that after the treaty's initial term ends, a new treaty will almost certainly take its place.
Diplomats from the U.S. and 15 other major economies will meet on Sunday in London to talk about a new global warming agreement. Read more.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Next best thing to Hydrogen: Natural Gas

Natural Gas Changes the Energy Map

Vast amounts of the clean-burning fossil fuel have been discovered in shale deposits, setting off a gas rush. But how it will affect our energy use is still uncertain. Read More.

Government fails credibility test on climate change

The truth is that politicians are driven by opinion polls showing people think burning coal and gas might bring global warming. Those concerns have created political opportunities, including a carbon tax that will raise vast new sums to buy votes. Australia again.

Republican rejects "Man Made" Global Warming

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) -- Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell said Saturday he believes the globe is warming but wouldn't fix blame on manmade carbon emissions as its cause.

McDonnell said after a veterans rally with Sen. John McCain that he remains firmly opposed to energy reform legislation intended to slow global warming by reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Read more.

Think eHealth was bad?

Beware of Dalton and George on 'green' energy

Everything that went wrong with eHealth can just as easily go wrong with Premier Dalton McGuinty's similarly half-baked plan to make us a "renewable" energy giant. Read Lorrie's column.

Friday, October 16, 2009

CBC - Global Warming Doomsday Called Off

This CBC video clearly debunks man made global warming theory - It is a few years old, but well worth watching again. See it here.

The Second Battle of Copenhagen by Patrick Buchanan

A second and more serious battle of Copenhagen is shaping up, in mid-December, when a world conference gathers to impose limits on greenhouse gases to stop "global warming." Primary purpose: Rope in the Americans who refused to submit to the Kyoto Protocols that Al Gore brought home in the Clinton era. Read more.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dennis Miller Interviews Phelim McAleer

This is a good interview that underlines the difficulty of keeping the "Global Warming" believers honest.

More here.

Liberal Evironment Policy is Wrong Headed

The problem I have with Liberal policy on the environment is that it supports “pie in the sky” solutions that are very expensive and reduce the quality of life for the majority of the population. Wind farms and solar power are inefficient, ugly and require a retool of all our existing technology.

I would support a political party that would develop Canada’s greatest asset – its virtually unlimited potential for hydro electric generation. We have the largest volume of flowing water in the world in our north. If we were able to harness even a small percentage of this clean reusable energy to produce a portable fuel like hydrogen, we would be self-sufficient and virtually pollution free.

A proactive hydrogen policy would adapt to existing technology, would populate and enrich our north and make Canada the “OPEC” of clean fuel production.

Now this would be world leadership!!

Lorrie Goldstein: Kyoto questions will dog Ignatieff

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said this week he wants to make the environment a major issue in the next federal election.

Fair enough. Here are some questions for him to answer.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Tim Blair

Wednesday, October 14, 2009 at 11:10am

“It has finally happened,” writes Marc Morano. “We have reached the ‘tipping point.’ 2009 can now be officially declared the year the media lost their faith in man-made global warming fears.” The great tipping continues at the Daily Mail, which previously ran poley bear propaganda:

They cling precariously to the top of what is left of the ice floe, their fragile grip the perfect symbol of the tragedy of global warming.

A perfect symbol of the hype and dishonesty of global warming, yes.

The Real Threat to Human Life: Climate Change Alarmism

Washington, D.C, August 14, 2009—In an article on climate policy recently published in the journal Energy and Environment, Dr. Keith Lockitch, a fellow with the Ayn Rand Center, addresses a crucial issue ignored by climate change policy makers: the danger most global warming "remedies" pose to industrial civilization and human life.

Lockitch comments, “Climate alarmists are trying to make people hysterical over the possibility of large-scale changes to the earth’s climate, which they claim will be a 'planetary emergency.' But they ignore the fact that our susceptibility to climate-related threats depends on a lot more than what’s happening in the atmosphere. In particular, it depends on our political and economic conditions.

“Industrial development under capitalism has actually made us safer from climate-related risks than ever before in human history; it is freedom and industrialization that keep us safe from natural disasters. So even if large-scale climate changes were to occur—whether man-made or not—the worst thing we could possibly do would be to adopt green policies that attack freedom and industrial development."

Dr. Lockitch has a PhD in physics from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee and is a fellow at the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights. His writings have appeared in publications such as the Washington Times, the Orange County Register and the San Francisco Chronicle.

For more information on Objectivism’s unique point of view, go to ARC’s Web site. The Ayn Rand Center promotes the philosophy of Ayn Rand, author of Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead.

Greens against green energy

Environmentalists claim, with ever-increasing hysteria, that our consumption of carbon-based energy in pursuit of prosperity and economic growth is altering the earth’s climate. Human survival, they insist, requires the immediate abandonment of fossil fuels, which provide more than 80 percent of the world’s energy, in favor of carbon-free sources. Read more.

Power plant opponents pack OMB hearing

Power Plants are difficult to build in populated areas like Oakville.

The first decision made by the chair of an Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearing, which could decide whether a 900-megawatt gas-fired power plant comes to Oakville, was to move the proceedings to a larger venue.

Lord Monckton on Global Warming

Lord Monckton on Global Warming – Well worth taking an hour and listening closely.

“Whatever happened to Global Warming?”

The BBC asks: “Whatever happened to Global Warming?” after noticing that despite the heat in the media, global temperatures have not risen in 11 years. Read here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It is error only, and not truth, that shrinks from inquiry.

Thomas Paine

Not Evil Just Wrong

Al Gore and David Suzuki don't want you to see this documentary - But human jobs are more important.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ontario's iron-fisted energy model

Politics and emotion play a strong role in the development of energy policy. Terence Corcoran reports on G20 summit commitments.

Hydro Electric Production in Ontario

The production of Hydrogen from new Hydro Electric facilities would require a new agency or better yet a private consortium that would control its own production, The production facilities would operate in a similar manner to oil refineries in the oil and gas industry. Hydrogen would be produced by optimised off grid power that would have little in common with Ontario Power Generation.

Grits blind to north-south divide

The northern Ontario economy is dependent on the pulp and paper industry today and is subject to the ups and downs of a narrow band of products. Christina Blizzard observes the way the Provincial Government is ignoring northern issues. Note that the Northern Ontario is already producing a surplus of electricity.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Dominion Frontier Project

Canada is a land of great abundance and opportunity. Most of her land mass is sparsely populated, (a result of the escalating “cost of living” the farther one moves north) with the gigantic Nunavut Territory holding far less than half the population of Brantford Ontario. The bulk of the Canadian population lives in a temperate zone that bears no relation to the climatic extremes of the immense regions of the north. It is the unawareness of the nature of the country that shrouds the mighty potential that will transform the future.

What of the future? What will be the salient feature of the next twenty years? I suggest that it will be a time of ever increasing anxiety and retrenchment in the First World, with almost all of our societal assumptions under attack. Our individual freedom will be restricted by a deluge of arbitrary good intentions; don’t promote hatred, don’t drink and drive, don’t pollute, and above all don’t offend anyone. The concept of human rights will be debased by special interests that reject the Magna Charta and The US Declaration of Independence by substituting skewed notions like the “right” to a job, the “right” to healthcare and the “right” of cultural equality. In effect we will have lost confidence in the Western philosophy that was the foundation of our success.

Yet, as the historian Thomas Macaulay observed: “Nothing is so galling to a people not broken in from the birth as a paternal, or, in other words, a meddling government, a government which tells them what to read, and say, and eat, and drink and wear.” I am confident that a rebellion against the Nanny State is inevitable and sound rational philosophy will once again be our guiding light.

I only mention the above trend to illustrate the impediments that we must overcome in order to secure our future. It really is just a question of confidence in our civilization and how we prioritize the value of our species. The plan that I advocate will harness existing technology, is economically sustainable, and will free indigenous people, while enriching and securing the entire population.

The answer lies in the north, or more precisely in the great rivers that flow into the James and Hudson Bays. This area has the distinction of the greatest volume of water flow in the world. It is exceptionally remote and virtually untouched by modern society. Once the energy potential of this region is harvested we will solve our energy requirements for the next two hundred and fifty years.

Back in the 1970’s Hydro Quebec built the template for successful hydro-electric production in the North. Their James Bay complex has produced an abundance of reliable electric power and despite the best efforts of detractors it has been a resounding success.

The crucial drawback to the project is its remoteness from the markets it seeks to serve; it is by definition very inefficient. The line-loss over the distances to populated areas is massive and the power is subject to interruption due to single points of failure. Hydro Quebec is producing the wrong product!

Solution: Hydrogen Fuel

The only product that will make economic sense for these remote power stations is hydrogen fuel. With 100% of the electricity used locally to produce a portable fuel like hydrogen the financial side becomes viable. The production of hydrogen would be predictable and reliable and inexhaustible. Over time this would lead to price stability as enough production comes online.

This vision would rival the Apollo Project in its scope and would return benefits to North American society out of all proportion. I am opening a movement to promote the “Dominion Frontier Project” for humanity. We can make the north an entity as powerful as OPEC without the political baggage.

I will be asking for submissions on how to overcome the myriad issues that will arise and will maintain a website to share ideas.

Issues to be covered would include:

1) Respect and benefit for the indigenise population.

2) Political Champions.

3) Technology updates – i.e. tank and pipeline containment, cars, heating etc.

4) Rolling out of infrastructure – concentric deployment of hydrogen fuel.

5) Financial investment – what incentives would drive development?

6) Environmental concerns and benefits: reduced pollution etc.

7) Defeating naysayer’s arguments.

By the end of 2010 I hope to be able to have enough material to make a comprehensive case and a book.

Please make your contributions with a eye toward tangibility and adaptability to today’s capabilities.

And remember: “In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.” Galileo Galilei

Christopher J. Burton