Monday, December 3, 2012

In response to Brian Stewart: Time for Canada to get back to peacekeeping

To Brian Stewart

Many of us do not have a problem with peace keeping per se - it is the body controlling the operation that breeds disgust.  The UN has indeed proven to be a cess pit of corruption and political complication. Many of its operations come preconfigured for failure with compromises that have led to soul destroying restrictions that produce genocidal results.

Peace keeping missions in the future should focus on the best interests of Canada and our allies, but they should not be prosecuted under the auspices of the UN. NATO and The Commonwealth are far superior organizations for the promotion of peace that remains in-line with our western values.

Mr. Stewart will find few who wish to return to the futility of past liberal Canadian fantasies where Canadian soldiers are reduced to helplessly pleading with combatants to maintain a cease-fire and refrain from slaughtering innocent civilians. It is also most distressing to hear Mr. Stewart refer to Somalia, Rwanda, and Srebrenica as merely the down side of a good policy – any organization that would have its soldiers stand down while genocide is underway is corrupt to the core.