Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Elizabeth May; Science Divided by Zero

From The Iceman
I learned at an early stage in my Mathematics career that when you take any number and divide it by zero, the result is an error message. If you try to divide something by nothing, you can't. After listening to Slick Lizzie being interviewed by one of my favourite pundits Roy Green (pinch hitting on Adler, 7pm pacific, CKNW 980 in Vancouver), a couple of things jumped out at me.

First was that she must have dropped the term "peer reviewed" at least a dozen times if not more. She went so far as to claim that Global Warming has faced more peer review than any other hypothesis in human history. Meanwhile we recently found in correspondence between top scientists that they were restricting entry to peer reviewer status. Opposition was neither encouraged nor allowed. The scientific method demands scrutiny at all stages of the scientific process, and by silencing dissent they were essentially Manufacturing Consensus! Read more.

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