Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Police in a state

The Danish police, normally accustomed to dealing with a docile, over-socialized and even supine population, are suddenly up against some of the world’s best-trained international-Left agitators, who have gotten into the conference center under the umbrella of recognized non-government organizations, nearly all of which are handsomely taxpayer-funded, and have staged a riot.

The police over-reacted and panicked, egged on by the UN’s own security thugs, who have made themselves near-universally unpopular for their heavy-handedness. They closed the station at the conference center, so that delegates had to continue to the next station and walk more than a mile along cracking, windswept concrete past joyless steel-and-glass blocks and puddle-bespattered wastelands to get back to the entrance. There was not the slightest point in closing the station: it merely annoyed everyone. UN mistake no. 1.
But that was not all. The police, apparently at the instructions of the UN’s grim private police force, decided that while the riot was going on no one should be allowed into the conference center. That meant that ministers and negotiators from many nations were penned beneath the railroad tracks for hours, waiting to know whether they would be allowed in to do their job. Mistake no. 2. Read more.

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