Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The climate change conference from Hell

Let's see now...
Over in Copenhagen, we have Robert Mugabe, perhaps the most brutal and corrupt despot in Africa, whose life's work has been to destroy the once-prosperous country of Zimbabwe, lecturing the West on the "hypocrisy" of its position on climate change. (Zimbabwe doesn't have to worry about greenhouse gas emissions, because, thanks to Mugane, its economy is in a state of collapse.) Update: Here's Stephen Lewis talking about a new report on Mugabe's use of rape as a weapon.
We have the government of China, which won't allow its citizens free access to the Internet, complaining that the climate summit is "not transparent."
We have Hugo Chavez, who took time off from shutting down Venezuela's radio stations to fly to Denmark, complaining about western "dictatorship." (If anyone back in Venezuela disagrees, he'll toss them in jail).
We have "climate change activists" cutting down and desecrating the Canadian flag. More "activists" disrupting the talks and trying to break into the conference centre, beaten off by police in riot gear using tear gas and pepper spray.
We have the mayor of Toronto telling the world he's "embarrassed" by his country's policy while denying he already has a plum job lined up with an environmental organization when he finally, mercifully (and not a moment too soon) quits his job as mayor late next year. (Way to stand up for your country Mr. Mayor! Way to display pride at being Canadian). We have Al Gore, he of the energy-sucking mansion and private jets, who charges $1,200 a handshake to be fawned over by fans, announcing that new hot-off-the-presses data show the Arctic ice cap will be fully melted in seven years, the only problem being that it's not true. Read more.

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