Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Phelim McAleer talks about being assaulted by U.N. armed guard at Copenhagen Climate Conference

The Copenhagen Climate Conference had an interesting incident recently. Phelim McAleer, Journalist and Producer of Not Evil Just Wrong joins Jim Pfaff on The Jim Pfaff Show to discuss how an armed United Nations security guard forced him and his video crew to stop taping a question and answer session at a press conference. Phelim McAleer joined me live from Copenhagen to explain what happened.

The Copenhagen climate conference has become a farce. This is the second interview I have conducted live from Copenhagen. Lord Christopher Monckton joined me at the end of last week and reported that there has been little mention of the Climategate scandal in all of Denmark. And Phelim McAleer’s experience of being confronted by an armed U.N. security guard and being forced out of a press conference when he had full press credentials is a thuggish attempt to shut down those who would ask the tough questions of environmental alarmists.
The Copenhagen climate farce; hear Phelim McAleer discuss the absurdity of it all in this interview

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