Thursday, December 17, 2009

Climate Cultists Assault Global Warming Skeptic During Live Interview

Aghast that someone dared challenge the sanctity of Al Gore’s holy climate empire, global warming loons pelted journalist Phelim McAleer with objects during a live television interview, proving once again the extreme left’s constant preaching of tolerance doesn’t extend to tolerating the free speech of anyone who disagrees with them.

McAleer has been hounded, assaulted and silenced at every turn during the Copenhagen summit by free-speech hating thugs and their ever enthusiastic supporters – the climate cultists who recoil in horror every time their belief system is questioned.
During a press conference on Monday, McAleer committed the dastardly offense of asking Professor Stephen Schneider a question about the Climategate scandal, an action that was met with an armed response from a UN thug who bandied around threats before kicking McAleer and his cameraman out of the event.
Later in the week, McAleer had the temerity to ask Al Gore a similar question. UN gestapo reacted by yanking his microphone from his hand and disconnecting the wire. Read more.

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