Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ship of Lies 1

By The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley in Copenhagen

The Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, an environmental non-governmental organization that – unlike just about all of the rest – does not believe “global warming” is a global crisis, yesterday made an unannounced visit to a Greenpeace ship in Copenhagen Harbor and slung from it a banner that read “Ship of Lies!”
Greenpeace, of course, now has a fleet larger than the Royal Navy. Much of the money to pay for this costly fleet comes from taxpayers round the world. More still may well come from nations unfriendly to the West, who have seen the opportunity to try to persuade the West to shut down its economies so that they will not have to compete with it for natural resources.
Yet, for some reason, the media here never ask any of the true-believers in the “global warming” superstition any questions about their funding. It is only the doubters who are badgered with questions about it.
The media ask such questions because they no longer dare ask any questions about the science. Roger Harrabin, the excitable and relentlessly ill-informed environment correspondent of the unspeakable BBC, for instance, came bounding up to me in the conference center and said, “Are you making any converts?”
I looked at him as though he had crawled out from under a stone and said, “Converts? What do you think this is? A religious convention? Science is not a belief system, Roger.”
For puir wee Harrabin, though, that’s just what it is. When I told him that in a recent piece about “ocean acidification” he had covered every aspect of the story except the inconvenient truth that it hasn’t happened in a billion years and can’t happen now, and cited one of the world’s most expert geologists on the point, he said: “But he’s out of line with the Consensus of thousands of scientists round the world.”
In the end, the environmental lobby, of which the BBC is – contrary to its charter – an integral and politically-active part, almost always falls back on the “consensus” argument. It is all they have left. Read more.

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