Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ship of Lies 2: The Al Gore Fibfest continues

From the Viscount Monckton of Brenchley in Copenhagen
Next up, after Bob Corell (see previous posting), was Mr. Jonas Gahr Store, the nattily-dressed Foreign Minister of Norway. He told us, with all the panicky solemnity and solemn panic that is the hallmark of every politician’s speech at this conference, that “We Have To Reduce Methane By 180 Million Tons A Year!” Or Else. No, Jonas, we don’t. There’s so little methane in the atmosphere, and its concentration is rising so slowly, that we’d hardly be able to measure the warming it causes even after 1000 years.

The next scare he thought up was Black Carbon. This, he told us in the unreferenced, I-just-made-it-up manner that everyone here is adopting, has caused “12% of warming to date.” No, it hasn’t. Nearly all of the Earth’s albedo – its capacity to reflect sunlight harmlessly straight back into space – comes from clouds, whose reflectance is near-totally unaffected by particulate pollution. For this reason, having a little soot in the air – almost entirely from environmentally ill-regulated third-world countries such as India and China – makes practically no difference to temperature.
Mr. Gahr Store then told us that much of the black carbon came from smoky cooking-stoves in third-world countries. So let’s see if I have this straight. 12% of “global warming” is coming from third-world emissions of black carbon. I want them to pay us our Climate Debt now! Rewrite the Treaty! Africa Must Pay!
Outside – not that we could see this, because in the excitingly dull conference center the concept of the window as an architectural form has not been exploited much – it was beginning to snow heavily. That, of course, is the cue for The Great One – Al Gore himself.
Gore no longer lives on the same planet as the rest of us. When he swept into the room surrounded by a cloud of security goons in suits that bulged in all the wrong places, the goon in front of him stepped aside to let him take his seat – and, to Gore’s evident horror, he found himself facing none other than your correspondent. Read more.

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