Friday, December 4, 2009

Rex Murphy on Climategate

The best part of this video is the look on Peter Mansbridge's face after Rex signs off.

Comment from the Rex Murphy piece.

"These emails were given to the BBC 3 weeks before. BBC did nothing and out of anger files were posted on the internet. BBC would have buried this story if not for the internet. 5 Full days after this story with web servers collapsing due to traffic the CBC had Gore and David Suzuki on their Q radio show for a FULL hour. How with phone in and email questions did not one mention of climate gate occur? The CBC has major guilt in this scandal. Fantastic thumbs up to Rex, you really nailed this issue"

"We all know that the media is all about show business. The 'climate change' topic gave them the show they needed in the last few years. Now that 'climategate' became viral, we see them (slowly) turning sides. Even though I, as a skeptic, would be happier to see the scientific facts as the wheel of such a U-turn, I must recognize that only through scandal we could ever make our point heard. I hope that after all this stuff settles the true science (that has being hurt for so long) rises again!"
Watch video.

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