Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Rats are Winning - Jack Burton

Remember that comedian who talked about being caught up in the rat race and "the rats are winning". Well, it's happening to me but it's not funny.Can you imagine how much of our money is being spent on sending 15,000 delegates or more, to this world conference in Copenhagen on Climate Change. We in the so called "developed nations" pay to send our delegates to this confab and then we pay to send delegates from those nations that are classified as "developing nations" because of course they can't afford to pay themselves.


The alarmists tell us that dooms day is right around the corner. We are going to have droughts. We are going to have floods and terrible pestilence will cover the earth. On the other hand, we have proponents of calm and reason that tell us "there is no problem" There is no global warming and these alarmists are trying to stampede the world into action for personal gain.Obviously, somebody is lying. The so called scientific community has been caught red handed distorting the truth so they are certainly suspect. The man made global warming skeptics are convincing and sound believable but we don't have access to data or the expertise to prove or disprove anything. Our government, whom we are supposed to trust has not made any definitive statement on this matter. They carry on humoring the climate change proponents because our representatives seem to be concerned about what the world will say about us. First of all, I don't give a damn what the world says about us. Secondly it's not the world that we hear from. It's the media not reporting news but trying to make news.Hence forth I will try to ignore the media reports on this subject. I doubt that I will be able to influence the outcome to any extent. The only thing I am sure of is that it will cost me money that I can ill afford.

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