Saturday, December 5, 2009

One rollicking climate change debate: Corcoran v. Cary


Photo: The Post's Terence Corcoran, left, squares off against Anthony Cary, British High Commissioner to Canada. (Tyler Anderson/National Post; Jana Chytilova/National Post)
The following is an exchange between Financial Post columnist Terence Corcoran and Anthony Cary, British High Commissioner to Canada since 2007.

...Given the scale of the risk and the relatively low cost of responding to it, the case for urgent and radical action as a simple matter of risk-management seems to me incontrovertible.

...Come to think of it, even if the world were melting I would not want a bunch of neo-totalitarians trying to stop it from happening — or trying to control everything in the name of saving a world that is melting.

This is a great debate between two very articulate proponents of the two sides.  One side accepts that there is a good chance that global warming is caused by man and can be averted by man. The other side wants more proof that man is causing global warming and that we can have any impact on reduing it - without destroying ourselves.

Read the debate.


  1. What I find odd is that Anthony Cary is passed off as a climate expert in some media coverage. Cary is a talking head pushing a government policy, nothing more. I can find no reference to him online as being anything more but a typical Brit dip whose mission can't be beat for collecting and spreading gossip and trivia about the high and mighty in Ottawa.

  2. I think you right - but the fact that the warmists are using non-scientists to support their position gives them plausible deniability and underscores the political nature of climate change policy.
    I have always said that this about government getting their hands on more of our money and enhancing their control of our lives.
    We have to fight them.