Thursday, December 10, 2009

If you had any doubts about the Left's world government agenda

For Global Finance, Global Regulation

Proposals that deserve consideration include taxes on financial transactions and 2009 bank bonuses.

Europe led the way last year in facing down the global financial crisis, restructuring our banking system and strengthening the global financial system. The European Union was also at the forefront in calling for a new forum for economic cooperation of G-20 leaders. And from the outset of the crisis, it was Europe that promoted the fiscal stimulus—and sought to coordinate it globally—that has been a major factor in preventing recession becoming a world-wide depression.
Now we need to once again lead the way in forging a new global consensus.
Stable, open and competitive European financial markets are essential to global growth. We recognize the importance to Europe of ensuring that we have globally competitive financial services, and the importance of developing world-class financial centers such as London and Paris.
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