Saturday, December 12, 2009

Global warming unproven, Wildrose leader says

CALGARY - Wildrose Alliance Leader Danielle Smith is urging Canada to shy away from signing onto another international climate change treaty, arguing the science isn't settled and Alberta's energy-centred economy is unlikely to get a fair shake.

Some of her political opponents, however, are branding Smith as a "climate change denier" whose suggestions, they contend, could harm the province's relationship with its main oil customer--the United States.
Smith, in the city Monday to speak to the Canadian Club of Calgary, challenged the federal government's notion that the country's climate change measures must mirror what's adopted south of the border. Instead of parroting the U.S. or joining an international agreement to succeed the Kyoto accord, Smith said Canada and Alberta should focus on homegrown measures to improve energy efficiency and expand the use of cleaner fuels, such as tapping natural gas over coal to produce electricity. Read more.

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