Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A different kind of red and green this Yuletide

This is an eye witness at the Copenhagen Conference - The pro-warming activists are really communists and socialists trying to use climate change as a wedge issue to gain power.
Craig Rucker's "Copenhagen Insider" blog from National Journal

Insistent - yes, but not so much about protecting the environment as on tearing down our social fabric. We're environmentalists. These people's environmentalism is incoherent. There was plenty of shouting about climate, but their marchers were far more concerned with opposing capitalism, technology, democracy and western society than they were interested in environmentalism.

Colorful? Now you've got it, but the color was not green, but red. Not touchy, feely euro-socialist red, but hard core hammer and sickle, Marx and Lenin red. If you've been wondering what unemployed and would-be commissars do to stage a comeback -- wonder no more. Global warming is their "in." They're back and hungry for power.
I witnessed thousands marching under the red flags of communism. No, I'm not trying to resurrect McCarthyism. These were people who proud to use the "C" word to identify themselves. In fact, don't take my word for it -- we'll post the whole sorry video to www.CFACT.TV as fast as we can encode and upload it. We've got the whole freak show on tape: polar bears, capitalist pigs, black shirted, masked anarchists, clowns, torch light processions, you name it. It would be a laughable spectacle if they weren't so close to institutionalizing themselves into a binding UN treaty that will be far simpler to get into, than out of. Read more.

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