Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Data adjustments in the UK Science Museum “Prove It!” poll on climate

Data adjustments in the UK Science Museum “Prove It!” poll on climate

Seems everywhere you look these days, data adjustments are being made. Shortly after WUWT first made the UK Science Museum Prove It! poll on climate change known here, Ric Werme and others have setup tracking systems to log the online voting data reported on the poll’s website, a poll that was said by its designers to be important enough to present to UK MP’s and representatives headed for Copenhagen.
Ric Werme sums it all up below. The question to the Science Museum is: What’s the spike all about? Another question is: why do the ending numbers posted on your website for the public differ so much from what was tracked and logged automatically from your own website? An explanation is required. – Anthony
By Ric Werme from his website here:
Science Museum In/Out Climate Counter Raw Data

The raw data is available graphically, thank you David, at
This web page tracked the in and and out counts logged in yet-another-unscientific-poll, this one was created by the Science Museum. (It’s in London, they expect you to know that.) (The poll was whether to be counted in or out of helping to get the British Government to negotiate “a strong, effective, fair deal at Copenhagen.”)
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