Monday, December 14, 2009

Copenhagen climate change talks resume after delay caused by African walk-out over emissions

This is like the homeless walking out of the shelter before the buffet is served because it was not up to their standards and then realizing they are still hungry.

Developing countries today agreed to resume climate change negotiations in Copenhagen after a half-day suspension.

The G77 group, led by African countries, staged a walkout over accusations that richer countries were seeking to use the UN-sponsored conference to dodge their obligations to cut carbon emissions.
Poorer countries fear that the Copenhagen talks will kill off the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which committed industrialised states to reduce greenhouse gases, with financial penalties for failure.
Their call for an extension of Kyoto is opposed by some industrialised states because the US - the second-largest emitter after China - remains outside the process, having refused to ratify the protocol.
The breakdown in talks comes as Gordon Brown is due to fly to Copenhagen tomorrow to kickstart negotiations with world leaders. Read more.

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