Monday, December 7, 2009

Climategate reaction: Jack Burton

I am dismayed and dispirited at the world reaction to recent developments in the scientific community. The fact that scientists in some parts of the world have been found to be cooking the books (adjusting the climate data) to support the global warming theories that appeal to them and the seaming indifference of governments to this fraud is disquieting. It appears that government leaders plan to trot off to Copenhagen with check books in hand to commit large sums of money to solve a problem that may not even exist. Of course there are great amounts of money to be gained by certain factions by perpetuating the current headlong buffalo leap to ward off hysterically proclaimed man made global warming. These governments will commit money that we don't have. Just this week, our finance minister has confirmed that we in Canada are further in debt than we have ever been in our history. Even more so than after world war II.

I have written to Prime Minister Harper, asking him to go slow in committing our tax dollars to any plan supported by that deceitful and ineffective body of leaches at the UN. The world is full of liars trying to line their pockets at our expense.

Somewhere in that massive bureaucracy in Ottawa we must have accumulated climate data that can be authenticated and that where by we can actually determine whether or not the climate is changing, whether it be up or down. It is pure observation. Not adjusted to match some ass hole's model.

Based on the number of conflicting opinions that have been released by various bodies and the lack of integrity that has been demonstrated by some of the scientific community, don't spend my money until you can tell me with certainty that it is necessary.

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