Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Climategate: Al Gore’s Political Tin Ear

I’ve said a few times that the Climategate emails remind me of the Spycatcher affair, with all the efforts of the alarmist establishment to suggest that there’s nothing to see in the emails simply meaning that ordinary people really want to see them (hence the “Tiger Woods Index” issue). Today, Al Gore proves to be economical with the truth in his interview with Slate:

Q: How damaging to your argument was the disclosure of e-mails from the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University?
A: To paraphrase Shakespeare, it’s sound and fury signifying nothing. I haven’t read all the e-mails, but the most recent one is more than 10 years old. These private exchanges between these scientists do not in any way cause any question about the scientific consensus. But the noise machine built by the climate deniers often seizes on what they can blow out of proportion, so they’ve thought this is a bigger deal than it is. Read more.

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