Monday, December 14, 2009

Climate Change and 'Climategate'

By Bjorn Lomborg

COPENHAGEN ― Thousands of politicians, bureaucrats, and environmental activists have gathered in Copenhagen for the COP15 global climate summit with all the bravado ― and self-regard ― of a group of commandos who are convinced that they are about to save the world.
And, although the political differences between them remain huge, delegates are nonetheless congratulating themselves for having the answers to global warming.
The blustery language and ostentatious self-confidence that fill the Bella Center here remind me of a similar scene: Kyoto, 1997.

There, world leaders actually signed a legally binding deal to cut carbon emissions ― something that will elude the Copenhagen summit-goers. But what did the Kyoto Protocol accomplish? So far, at least, virtually nothing.  Read more.

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