Monday, December 14, 2009

China and now India take a page from the Liberal Party of Canada

They will sign any agreement at Copenhagen and give it lip service - but ignore their commitments once they go home.

India's Copenhagen Conundrum

NEW DELHI -- After months of vacillation, and relentless pressure from Western nations, India finally announced a unilateral climate mitigation measure to reduce its carbon intensity levels by 20 percent to 25 percent on its 2005 levels over the next 11 years. The decision comes against the looming backdrop of the United Nations Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen, which opened on Dec. 7.

...China's measures, they also point out, do not commit it to "absolute reductions," but are purely "voluntary" and aimed at impressing the West. Moreover, it isn't clear whether or not Beijing will allow an external examination of the implementation of its environmental program.

These nuances, they worry, are bound to get lost in the bluster of political rhetoric at Copenhagen.
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