Monday, December 14, 2009

Canada is no climate villain

We're being flayed in Copenhagen by know-nothings, but our country is actually one of the good guys


I'm not sure which is worse.

Is it painfully self-righteous journalists-cum-environmental-radicals like the U.K.'s George "Moonbat" Monbiot, falsely accusing Canada of being a "corrupt petro-state" as the Copenhagen climate follies drag on?
Or is it the cheering from their sycophantic, know-nothing journalistic admirers in Canada, one of whom recently wrote a piece of such spectacularly uninformed drivel that appeared across the pond in the wake of the Moonbat's ravings, that it practically screamed: "Oh, flay me, George, flay me, you great big, greenhouse-gas emitting hunk of Canada-bashing flatulence, you"?
It was yet another monumentally ignorant expression of environmental self-loathing, typical of Canada's chattering classes.
Show these folks a credible study indicating Canada has one of the best environmental records in the world -- and heaven knows you'd have to show it to them because they never do any research -- and they'd be the first on their feet demanding a recount ... to lower our score. Read more.

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