Monday, March 22, 2010

What if you held a Debate and only one side showed up

It is very difficult to debate Monckton on this subject and win - so the warmists would rather snipe from the sidelines safely within the confines of settled science. The alarmist spin is that this is now simply a PR issue that can be overcome with a good advertising campaign.
Climate change debate now a one-man show

When lawmakers began touting Lord Christopher Monckton's visit to Utah a few months ago, the idea was to have a freewheeling debate on climate-change science.

That matchup never materialized, and now the Third Viscount of Benchley is set to take the stage solo, twice on Tuesday at Utah Valley University's MacKay Events Center in Orem, for a presentation he hopes will be entertaining and informative.
If you're thinking now about writing it off as another stodgy science lecture, you might want to think again.
To begin with, Monckton and his subject are provocative.
In a telephone interview Friday, he acknowledged his lack of formal training in the hard sciences but also defended his qualifications to criticize the climate-science mainstream, as well as the conclusions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
Monckton said he has a solid understanding of science -- he's lectured physicists, solved complex problems for former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and poked holes in the IPCC's findings.
Plus, he said, he has scientific training in architectural studies that made it possible for him to build his own home, which is still standing.
"I do have some scientific knowledge, but it would be wrong of me to claim that I am any kind of qualified climatologist," he said. "I just quietly get on with the science. Then I tell people what I think the science shows."
He said he will talk Tuesday about why global warming is not a crisis. He also will discuss what he sees as the economic and moral pitfalls society faces in trying to control it. And Monckton insists visitors won't hear any partisanship from him.

"I am no campaigner nor do I do any campaigning on either side of the issue," he said. "All I do is look at the science." Read more.

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