Thursday, March 18, 2010

Climategate Doesn't Even Phase Al Gore

Chuck Justice is the editor-in-chief for Habledash
Last week's torrential downpour in the northeast was caused by climate change. The earthquake in Haiti was also caused by climate change. Even the herpes virus your ex-girlfriend gave was another result of climate change! Okay, maybe not the last point, but the slob Al Gore isn't stopping at anything to blame each and every rain and snowstorm or high winds on manmade climate change. Despite the damming evidence of Climategate, Al Gore only proves that he's a member of the Party of Adolescence not wanting to hear the truth.
In a recent conference call to Gore's global warming minions, he reiterated his standard talking points, but also placed blame on the cause of recent weather.
"The odds have shifted toward much larger downpours. And we have seen that happen in the northeast, we've seen it happen in the northwest - in both of those regions are among those that scientists have predicted for a long time would begin to experience much larger downpours."
So if you're taking notes, now would be the appropriate time to note that all weather is the result of manmade global warming. But also make note that Al Gore is on track to become the world's first 'green' billionaire, but that has no motivation behind his antics!
Gore is still desperately trying to pass a clean energy bill that he'll handsomely profit from. What liberal lawmakers and climate change alarmists don't tell you is that any sort of climate change or Cap & Trade bill will result in the loss of millions of American jobs. If the unions think that outsourcing is bad now, just wait until farmers are told that their cows are only allowed to fart 10 times a day or else they'll get taxed.
Gore wants to stop our reliance on fossil fuels, yet he opposes offshore drilling and tapping into areas of the United States that hold more barrels of oil than all of the Middle East combined. Gore stated that fossil fuels and the nation's fragile electricity grid pose a significant security threat. But he doesn't explain how he ignores any science that disproves his claims. This man should be forced to return his Nobel Peace Prize and his joke of an Academy Award. Denial is not a river in Egypt, Mr. Gore. Read more.

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