Monday, March 15, 2010

Climategate On The CBC. A Progress Report.

By Adrian MacNair
Ever since I appeared on the CBC in early December to argue about Climategate, a mountain of evidence has come forth to indicate that the story the CBC ignored for so long, has genuine scientific evidence backing it. Whether it be Glaciergate or Africagate or Naturaldisastergate [sorry, I made that last one up myself], the CBC is unrelenting in it’s intent to ignore the issue.

If you actually search for the term climategate on the CBC website, you’re given some very slim pickings indeed. There’s Rex Murphy’s editorial that aired the same day I was on TV, the Maxime Bernier open letter to the Gazette, and there’s a very belated explanation from the CBC ombudsman on the Delayed coverage of “Climategate”. But not much else in the way of reporting what’s going on the world on this critical story, other than a brief summary of events from a Canadian Press story in February.
Instead, we’re fed a steady dose of climate change articles and editorials from “experts”, authors, and scientists, giving an ample amount of coverage to David Suzuki and his foundation. Indeed, if you enter the term “climategate” into the CBC search engine you are returned with 54 results, one of which was my first and final appearance on the public broadcaster. But enter in the term “climate change”, and be prepared for a flood of 9,040 results. Granted, some are years old and, but I think my 0.6:100 ratio point is taken.
What the CBC does give plenty of face time to, is articles like this one, written by Richard Handler, entitled The burden of believing in global weirding. Using the same shamefully patronizing language of the subject of his story, Al Gore, he writes that it would be “wishful thinking” to believe that all this bad news about Climategate disproves the science of man-made climate change. He goes on to attribute the cold and snowy winter experienced by most of the Northern Hemisphere this year to, you guessed it, global warming.
One of the greatest shams of the “Inconvenient Truth” rhetoric is that it doesn’t stand up under the “follow the money” scrutiny. Climate scientists like Dr.Rajendra Pachauri of the IPCC, and thousands like him around the world, have greatly benefitted from funding placed in climate research. And the CBC crown corporation has spent millions of dollars on programs promoting scientists, like David Suzuki, who fulfill an editorial directive. Meanwhile, those people like Al Gore, involved in the collusion between government and green energy corporations, have made millions of dollars on legislation aimed at shifting government spending into areas of green technology. Read more.

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