Monday, March 22, 2010

Global Warming: 'Take this snow and shovel it again, Al Gore!'

Global warming returned to Dallas -- just in time for the first day of Spring. Al Gore, grab that shovel and get busy. We all recall the last bout with "Global Warming" in Dallas, which left Dallas buried in as much as twelve inches of snow. This time around, perhaps in honor of Spring, it appears that we only have two to five inches.
If you are planning to travel to Dallas in March, anticipating the weather can be tricky. Expect variations of weather to range from hot, high winds, bitter cold, high winds, snow, ice, high winds, and thunderstorms.
Packing Essentials: Shorts, pants jacket/coat; Umbrella; sandals; ankle boots or other close-toed shoes; jeans; short sleeved shirts;long sleeved shirts plus a good credit card for shopping in case you lose it all during a tornado.
If you really want to talk about the politics and science of global warming, think and think again before claiming the "science is settled" - check out what genghis_ken from Flame-Free Politics has to say below:
The Tooth Fairy
Global Warming
The UN has delayed - in effect eliminated - the deadline for countries to declare themselves associated with the "accord" reached in Copenhagen. The deadline set there was the end of January, but now it's basically . . . any time at all.
The UN's IPCC has admitted and apologized for its Himalayan glacier blunder.
But that doesn't alter the science, which is settled.
The IPCC's 2007 report made the claim that 40 percent of the Amazon rainforest was endangered by global warming.
The World Wildlife Fund was once again the source. However, the WWF report was taken out of context. It was a report on the effect of forest fires. Well, they're warm, aren't they?
And the 40 percent number did not originate with WWF, which apparently "borrowed" it from a letter to the editor of Nature magazine, the subject being harmful logging activities.
So . . . take a half cup of forest fires, add a half cup of harmful logging, and bring to a boil. Yup, that's global warming alright, and a much better process than peer review.
But that doesn't alter the science, which is settled. Read more.

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