Wednesday, March 17, 2010

IPCC coordinating lead author’s own paper falsely cited in AR4

Yesterday I posted about a contributing author's own paper being incorrectly cited in the AR4. However, I have now found something worse than that: a Coordinating Lead Author's own paper has been falsely cited.

Recently I posted about an interesting claim and comment made in the AR4. In the Second Order Draft (SOD), the following claim appears (page 43, lines 34-36):
"Relatively few NGOs are directly accountable to members in the same way that governments are to voters or businesses are to shareholders, raising further questions about the extent to which their claims to the mantle of civil society are justified."
Adil Najam

The claim had no citation, which led an expert reviewer to make the following comment, Comment 12-189 (page 78):
"Seems a bold claim - can you substantiate it? ENGOs in most cases are supported through financial contributions from individuals as well as from foundation funding. They are also governed through Boards that in principle represent their consituency. If you leave this, you need to provide a citation. (Jan Corfee-Morlot, University College London (on leave from OECD))"

The reviewer thinks that this claim is bold, and seems to imply it is false. He ends "If you leave this, you need to provide a citation." The writing team responds: "Noted. Will look for references." Read more.

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