Friday, March 12, 2010

Hydrogen, the Fuel of the Future?

by Jack Kane
Some experts say yes DUH!
CHARLESTON -- The Mountain States Hydrogen Business Council held a conference in Charleston Tuesday to discuss the technology, environmental impact and economic potential of hydrogen fuel.

David Haberman, president of the Council, says hydrogen is the transportation fuel of the future.
"Using two cents worth of water and maybe a dollar's worth of coal-based electricity, you can create transportation fuel that can compete with $2.50 gasoline."
Governor Joe Manchin says the production and use of hydrogen fuel is a win-win situation for West Virginia. There is a tie-in with the coal industry. Because fossil fuels will be one of the principal sources of hydrogen.
A fact noted by senator Robert Byrd's spokeswoman Ann Barth.
"They're using West Virginia coal to produce the electricity to separate, as they call it, to split the water to produce the hydrogen."
Senator Byrd helped secure funding for a hydrogen production and dispensing facility commissioned Monday at Yeager Airport. Read more.

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