Monday, March 22, 2010

The "hydrino economy"

The "hydrino economy" is a twist on the "hydrogen economy", inasmuch as the hydrino is a new species of hydrogen discovered and developed by Randall Mills of Blacklight.

View a video of Rowan University's validation of BlackLight's 50 kW hydrino reactor. That screen also gives an option to download Rowan's technical papers.

In general, the chemical power released during the formation of hydrinos from hydrogen can be harnessed for motive power by several types of systems. The BlackLight Process has four principal applications to motive power, (i) on-board powering of the drive train with the game-changing CIHT technology, (ii) charging of electric vehicle batteries (iii) generation of combustible fuels, specifically hydrogen gas by electrolysis of water, and (iv) a hybrid electrical vehicle powered by heat that is converted to electricity to charge batteries that drive electric motors. The advantages and disadvantages are considered for the most to least competitive design.

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