Saturday, March 13, 2010

Congress should listen to states on the EPA

Governors point out 'very real potential for economic harm'

THE governors of 18 states and two territories - including Democrats Joe Manchin and Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear - have called on Congress to rein in the Environmental Protection Agency.
The governors, in a letter to congressional leaders, cited the failure of the administration to weigh the economic fallout of EPA's intention to regulate greenhouse gases.
"As governors, we have the responsibility to protect jobs, promote economic growth and mitigate any threats to financial stability in our states," said the statement. "We oppose EPA regulation of greenhouse gases that fails to account for these responsibilities."
The agency "is not equipped to consider the very real potential for economic harm when regulating emissions," the governors said. "Without that consideration, regulation will place heavy administrative burdens on state environmental quality agencies, will be costly to consumers and could be devastating to the economy and jobs." Read more.

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