Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Climate change targets 'disappointing'

The fact that anyone thinks they can do anything about climate change is disappointing.
The climate change deal signed in Copenhagen last year is looking weaker than ever after fewer than half of the countries that took part in negotiations managed to meet the latest deadline to fight global warming
The two week long conference ended in a political 'Accord' that asked just over 190 nations to come back by the end of January with targets to cut emissions.

However the United Nations body which runs the talks has received just 55 submissions, with no signs that any major country is willing to increase its ambition at this stage.
The major polluters China and America have not budged from their positions.

Environmental groups said the current targets will not prevent global warming but world leaders insisted it is another step forward in the complex negotiations.
Yvo de Boer, Executive Secretary of the UN climate change body, said greater ambition is required.
“The commitment to confront climate change at the highest level is beyond doubt," he said.
"These pledges have been formally communicated to the UNFCCC. Greater ambition is required to meet the scale of the challenge.
"But I see these pledges as clear signals of willingness to move negotiations towards a successful conclusion.”
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