Sunday, February 7, 2010

Climate skepticism growing in Great Britain

There may be no other country where the religion of global warming inundated society so thoroughly as in Great Britain. All major political parties endorsed it and the solutions to climate change. It was preached from the pulpit, endorsed by almost every celebrity, hammered him in PSA's on TV all day long.

The media played right along, led by the venerable BBC who not only promoted global warming doctrine, but savaged any skeptics that dared disagree with the dominant theology.
Now, after a couple of months of climategate revelations, the tide appears to be turning. A new poll out shows decidedly more people skeptical of climate change.
From the BBC:
The number of British people who are sceptical about climate change is rising, a poll for BBC News suggests.
The Populus poll of 1,001 adults found 25% did not think global warming was happening, a rise of 8% since a similar poll was conducted in November.
The percentage of respondents who said climate change was a reality had fallen from 83% in November to 75% this month.
And only 26% of those asked believed climate change was happening and "now established as largely man-made".
The findings are based on interviews carried out on 3-4 February.
In November 2009, a similar poll by Populus - commissioned by the Times newspaper - showed that 41% agreed that climate change was happening and it was largely the result of human activities.
Despite active measures by the BBC and the liberal Guardian newspaper to suppress climategate revelations, other media outlets like the Telegraph, the Daily Mail, and the TimesOnline have picked up the slack and have run story after story about the fraud, the bad science, and the shameful actions of scientists in trying to suppress opposing viewpoints. Read more.

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