Saturday, February 27, 2010

Global Warming Myth Buried Under Snowstorm of Hubris

Snow and ice at Tottenham Court Road Station, London (Photo credit: Adam Smith)

“God is not the author of confusion.” That role was seized by Nobel laureates Al Gore (a divinity school drop-out] and the IPCC.
In March of 2000, the UK Independent ran this headline, “Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past.”
“Global warming…is now accepted as a reality by the international community.”
Dr. David Viner of the now infamous Climatic Research Unit (CRU) [home to Climategate and the key scientists behind the IPCC curtain] stated that “within a few years winter snowfall will become ‘a very rare and exciting event.’” [ reminds us of the Himalayan Glaciers that were scheduled by the IPCC to disappear in 2035.]
“’Children just aren’t going to know what snow is.’”
Fast forward ten years and the UK Express headline for 23 February blares, “UK Braced For Yet More Snow Storms.”
“Hope for a respite from the wintry weather were dashed yesterday…”
Sigh. Where is global warming when you want it?
Of course, the global warming crowd now tells us that all this snow is a sign! They were right! On his blog for 23 February, Al Gore declares this as “Fact. Climate Change [aka Global Warming] causes more frequent and severe snowstorms.”
A succinct comment on this conundrum was posted on Andrew Revkin’s blog:
“23. Eva – February 12th, 2010 – 4:25 pm
In 1899, Washington DC had 54 inches of snow. We are told that was because there was less CO2 and it was cold. In 2010, Washington DC had 55 inches of snow. We are told that is due to global warming.”
“Why does the global warming community expect the rest of the world to be as neurotic and confused as they are?”
Snow or no snow, heat wave or none, arctic ice decline or increase—none of these affect this key point: Earth has warmed over the last century and that warming is all within the bounds of natural climate change. As Freeman Dyson observed, “Climate change is part of the normal order of things, and we know it was happening before humans came.”
How much warming? The guess is something on the order of 0. 7 C since about 1880. [The shenanigans by the CRU ‘Hockey Stick Team’ and at NASA:GISS may require some modification of that insignificant number.]
So, when NASA puts out some headline like “End of Warmest Decade,” you have to ask two questions. 1) How much warming? [Nothing outside the bounds of natural climate change even if NASA’s figures have been manipulated like they were to make 1998 the warmest year on record over 1934.] and 2) Were you expecting cooler as Earth moves away from the last little ice age? [Never mind that NASA cannot count to ten and that the decade is not over.] Read more.

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