Sunday, February 7, 2010

“Al Gore Losing Climate Change Debate”

This is a day Aardvark has been waiting for, and waiting for a very long time, at last the Conservative Party have woken up to the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam.

Yesterday the BBC published a poll on AGW that shows the non believers are in an ever increasing majority.
Now today on the Conservativehome website:
Al Gore and his followers are losing the climate change debate:
Yet along comes Al Gore, like the detective in some Agatha Christie novel, saying “It’s the Butler!”. In Al Gore’s case, he chooses to finger a single trace gas in the atmosphere. CO2 makes up less that 0.04% of our atmosphere, and while it is indeed a greenhouse gas, it’s not even the most important one — that’s water vapour. Frankly, to approach a complex and only partially-understood multi-factorial problem like climate, and to pick on CO2 as the only important factor, is little short of lunacy. Yet the world, the media and the political establishment have been trapped in this lunacy for a decade.
And now we have the revelations that much of the IPCC’s 2007 report was based, not on peer-reviewed science, but on propaganda hand-outs from WWF and other deep-green zealots. The “Himalayan Glaciers to Melt by 2035″ story is just plain nonsense. So is the claim about 40% of the Amazon rain forest — the source document primarily blamed logging, not climate. And the claimed link between costly natural disasters and global warming is also discredited. In fact the source document for that canard, when eventually published, specifically denied that any such link had been found.
Clearly the message is getting through to the public. They don’t believe it. They won’t pay for it. Memo to George Osborne and Greg Clark: green taxes are a vote-loser. Let’s not go that route.
At the much smeared by Labour, right wing bloggers do on Tuesday Aardvark got to talk to a couple of members of the Conservative Campaign Headquarters team and raised the question of AGW and when will David Cameron announce that the Conservatives have reservations about the flawed science and turn their back on the lie. Aardvark also pointed out that Copenhagen was about one world socialist government as was amply demonstrated by Chavez, and that then when Ethopia suggested the answer to AGW was global socialism, and both Brown and Sarkozy leapt to their to endorse the idea, alarm bells should have rung at Tory HQ. Several other bloggers also raised the same issue with AGW.
This is a very positive step taken by the Conservatives, the poll by the BBC probably swung the argument but without doubt it will be a vote winning policy at the General Election. Read more.

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