Saturday, February 6, 2010

By the waters of denial they sit and weep...

A few days ago, Analysis on BBC Radio Four featured a programme about environmentalism by Justin Rowlatt which concluded that the green movement was using climate change as a cover to smuggle in other agendas such as poverty or equality. No! You don’t say. It was a timid, tentative thesis; the fact is that from the start environmentalism has self-evidently been all about changing the nature of society rather than changing society’s views about nature. And of course Rowlatt’s concern was that these hidden agendas might only confirm people’s scepticism about the science of anthropogenic global warming, which as we all know is Settled and an Unchallengeable Consensus, amen.
Nevertheless when the BBC, no less, starts to allow an interviewee to start telling the truth like this:
"I hate to say this – but there is a very strong –it’s very small – but there is a very strong green fascism in much of the environmental world. I’ve heard it said at meetings I’ve been at – that climate change is so important - democracy has to be sacrificed"
something big is definitely happening. And that something is the disintegration of anthropogenic global warming theory. The ‘scientific’ basis for it is de-materialising day by day, leaving merely the sulphurous stink of intellectual fraud on an epic scale. Read more.

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