Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New US climate service to help adapt to climate change

And I thought we were adapting rather well to climate change - I suspect this organization wants to move money around to pay for projects of dubious economic value.
The US will launch a national climate service aimed at serving as a one-stop shop of US climate information and at giving industries and farmers information to adapt to regional climate changes.
For 140 years, the National Weather Service and its forerunner, the US military's Weather Bureau, have tracked and forecast weather around the country. Now, that institution is about to be joined by a national climate service
The aim of the new service is to give energy companies, farmers, other climate-sensitive industries, and community planners the information they need to anticipate and adapt to the potential effects of global warming. In addition, it will serve as a single repository for US climate information, accessible via a single website.
US Commerce Secretary Gary Locke announced his department’s move to set up the service Monday, noting "some degree of climate change is inevitable."

The service, which will fall under the purview of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), will look beyond changes in daily or weekly weather to focus on changes in long-term trends – in temperature, precipitation, wind, and other weather features – that constitute a region's climate. Read more.

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