Sunday, February 21, 2010

Climategate zombies and fraud - Mack Thrasher, Laurentian Valley

Where is the response of the Canadian Media and Government to Climategate? This writer wants to know.
Lorrie Goldstein's article ZOMBIE LAND on Thursday, Feb. 4 was right on the money.

I have been corresponding with the CBC Ombudsman regularly complaining about their leftist reporting on the fictional notion humans are responsible for global warming.
They prefer to promote the alarmism such as the myth of melting glaciers, melting arctic, pictures of polar bears eating a cub, a stranded inuit hunter on an ice floe, pictures of smoke stacks emitting Co2, and Al Gore's science fiction movie over and over again. The CTV network is no better.
I have seen nothing on the climate gate scandal and how crooked scientists and the IPCC have been misinforming our policy makers. We now know, as I have said before, this is the biggest fraud in the history of the planet, and Al Gore is under seige and looking for a place to hide. There are groups demanding that he be stripped of his Nobel peace prize. The IPCC and its leader, Pachuri, who also received the award, are included in those demands.
A survey of Canadian school children indicates that most of them believe that humans are responsible for climate change and that the arctic is melting. That worries me, as I have said before indoctrination of children is criminal. Do you remember David Suzuki in the tree house with the children? It reminded me of Hitler's youth movement, only he is recruiting our children as eco spies. I think he should be stripped of his Order of Canada.
Why aren't they interviewing real credible scientists, such as Professor Tim Patterson at Carlton University? The truth is, and the real science supports the fact that humans are not responsible for climate change.
An example of the green zombie thinking is our local landfill site. Our taxes went up this year mainly because of the insanity of McGuinty's (gestapo) MOE police. They are forcing the municipalities to install a system to capture methane (natural gas) at a cost of some $3 million, and then they are going to burn it off. How stupid is that? Clean incineration of garbage would at least produce needed power and solve some of the waste problem, but they would rather pollute our farm lands with inefficient and costly wind farms and solar panels that will be nothing but junk in 20 years. Read more.

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