Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Great Climate Debate commits suicide

I must confess that I am a little mystified as to which climate issue you are lamenting. Is it the young and promising debate or is it concrete action on the climate issue? I suggest that you cannot have concrete action until you have had the debate. It is the Climate Scientists, in league with cohorts in the UN, Government, NGOs and the media that have been exposed trying to bypass the debate and move directly to collecting the judicious grants and transfers on offer.
Michael Cosgrove draws a timeline of some of the key events which led to what he calls the “untimely suicide of what was a young and promising debate.”

I suppose that many of you are just as mystified as I am as to how the (albeit minimal) hopes of finally seeing some concrete action on the climate issue could possibly have been dashed just as the weight of scientific opinion and public opinion was beginning to put real pressure on the skeptics.
And I suppose that many of you are just as mystified as I am as to how it came to be that the debate became so totally discredited because of greedy, ego-driven and reckless actions carried out by some of the very people who were supposedly trying to help the planet.
We all know that governments and industrialists have had a tendency to minimise the problems –- all’s fair in love and war after all –- but what about the climate scientists? Are they any less corrupt than their opponents? What has happened since the run-up to Copenhagen and Climategate? How does it all fit together? Who loused the whole thing up? I have another question to ask, but I’ll save it for the end of this article.
Here are a few key dates from the sad and sorry saga of the untimely suicide of what was a young and promising debate. Read more.

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