Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gore Finally Responds to Question About Climategate, Sort Of…

by Frank Ross Intrepid Fox News reporter Jesse Watters caught up with Al Gore the other day and asked him a couple of questions including: “What is your reaction to the fact that Arctic Ice is actually increasing?” and “Do you stand to make any money from ‘Cap and Trade’?” Seems like some pertinent and relevant questions that any reporter worth his salt should be asking “The Goracle:”

Say what you will about “Ambush Journalism,” the videos always end up making compelling viewing. The publisher of this site has been the subject of widely circulated videos of this type (most recently at CPAC) and there is something to be said about giving the person with the camera exactly what they came for: a good sound byte.

The difference between Gore and Andrew Breitbart, of course, is that Breitbart is hardly a blushing flower when it comes to interviews. He makes himself available and answers questions about any subject posed to him. Meanwhile, Nobel Laureate Gore has been deafeningly silent ever since the Climategate scandal broke.
The other big difference: Gore is a former Vice President of the United States who has enormous influence in policies that will change the lives of every American. Why does he think he doesn’t need to answer to the press? And why isn’t the press more critical of his imperious attitude? Read more.

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