Thursday, April 15, 2010

Election 2010: Green Party launch 'ambitious' manifesto

The Face of the Enemy!
The Green Party of England and Wales have set out manifesto plans to make Britain a "greener and fairer society".
Caroline Lucas hopes to become the party's first MP

Party leader Caroline Lucas said they would create a million new jobs and reform the tax system to "redistribute" income to the less well-off.
Key pledges include a "living wage" of £8.10 an hour, a "citizen's pension" of £170 a week and £44bn of investment in transport, housing and energy schemes.
There are more than 300 Greens standing at the election in England and Wales.
Ms Lucas, who is standing as a candidate in Brighton, said her party was "on the brink" of getting its first MPs elected to Westminster.
'Ambitious programme'
The party are hoping to capitalise on the widespread anger with the three largest parties over the expenses scandal as well as uncertainty over the future direction of the economy. Read more.

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