Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Climate change article accuses Koch industries of orchestrating climate denial machine

GreenPeace does article on Koch Industries climate change denial

It's the nature of the business. Oil companies are looking at climate change policy as a zero sum game. Or at least a game that they have to slow up a little until their alternative energy fuels start paying off. So what is an oil and gas company to do? After all, the burning of oil emits carbon into the atmosphere. This is a greenhouse gas. It influences the atmospheric temperature. A few oil companies have decided to invest money into special interests and think tanks designed to raise questions on the science behind climate change.
Green Peace recently released a report sensationally called "Koch Industries Secretly Funding the Climate Denial Machine". Green Peace forgot about the word peace in this piece. It's loaded with information that puts Koch Industries on the defense. The article calls out some of the players involved in what Green Peace views as an intricate scheme to slow down climate change. Some of the Senators they list on the Koch payroll are:
There are many others. All of the above have received 15 thousand or more. The piece points out some interesting findings. Juicy stuff like:
• ClimateGate Echo Chamber—At least twenty Koch funded organizations have repeatedly rebroadcast, referenced and appeared as media spokespeople in the story, dubbed “ClimateGate,” of supposed malfeasance by climate scientists gleaned from a cache of stolen emails from the University of East Anglia in November 2009.

The piece goes on to sight a number of groups that Koch gets money to.
• More than $5 million to Americans for Prosperity Foundation(AFP) for its nationwide “Hot Air Tour”3 campaign to spreading misinformation about climate science and opposing clean energy and climate legislation.
• Over $1 million to the Cato Institute, which disputes the scientific evidence behind global warming, questions the rationale for taking climate action, and has been heavily involved in spinning the recent ClimateGate story.
The Green Peace article also points to a connection between Koch and ExxonMobil. Exonmobil was heavily invested in disputing climate change during the last administration. They have since been out spent by Koch. Koch incidentally is one of the largest private companies in the United States. Pulling in over 100 Billion a year. Yes, I meant billion. Because their private they fly under the radar most of the time. They own companies like Brawny® paper towels and Dixie® cups, produced by its subsidiary Georgia-Pacific Corporation.
Looks like Green Peace decided to fire the first shot on this one.
Notice the elaborate set and production costs that this blurb (below) is using to make a very weak argument. They miss the point again by concentrating on small variations that may indicate man has some influence - with data that looks suspiciously like the now discredited hockey stick graph. The issue at hand is will it be a bad thing and should we wreck our economy in a futile attempt to change the climate. The Warmists are using small variations in their proofs but still talking alarmism in their PR campaigns. Perhaps David should walk a little farther back in time to see if these variations are indeed significant. 

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