Monday, April 19, 2010

Conclusions to Date from the UN IPCC’s Patterns of Unscientific Behaviour

by Malcolm Roberts
The following conclusions are obtained from examining this catalogue’s list of UN IPCC
misrepresentations of science. We are now seeing publicly what eminent UN IPCC scientists
have been saying since the UN IPCC ’s second report in 1995—the UN IPCC peddles bogus
science for political objectives. This bogus ‘science’ includes:

➤➤ Science being bent, distorted, fabricated, tampered with, destroyed, hidden, misrepresented;
➤➤ Frequent falsities deliberately fabricated yet claimed to be scientific;
➤➤UN IPCC ‘peer review’ typically contradicts what is commonly accepted as scientific peer
review practices;
➤➤The UN IPCC even bypasses its own typically ineffective peer reviews;
➤➤Activists, non-experts and non-scientists bypass or distort peer review rendering it useless and
rendering science broken;
➤➤ Expert reviewers being prevented from checking the UN IPCC ’s claimed results;
➤➤The UN IPCC ’s fraudulent attempts to reassure people that its fabrications are the product of
scientific procedures;
➤➤Dishonesty prevailing—systemically embedded with political objectives;
➤➤ False, unscientific claims appear clearly aimed at spurring public alarm to motivate
government action in support of UN IPCC objectives. This has been achieved by politically
altering scientific reports and feeding these to the media to produce frightening headlines. Read more.

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