Thursday, April 15, 2010

Global warming's weak links

CFACT is in Bonn, Germany at the UN Conference on Climate Change to warn the delegates not to enact a climate treaty that is based on shaky science and will make no measurable impact on climate. Halfway around the world, America woke up to an editorial in the Washington Times written by CFACT President David Rothbard and CFACT Executive Director Craig Rucker. This editorial is a reasoned, well thought out argument against global warming and cap and trade schemes. CFACT knows that cap and trade policies are all pain and no gain.
Here is their article from the Washington Times:
Delegates from around the world gather in Bonn this weekend to chart the future of a new global warming treaty they hope to sign in Mexico this fall or in South Africa in 2011 at the latest. This treaty would lock our nation into massive new taxation, regulation, subsidies and redistribution; take unprecedented control of our economy; and radically alter our way of life. Laws and regulations that increase the power of government are seldom repealed. Treaties are tougher still. The costs and burdens of the treaty these delegates hope to sign are so extraordinary, they cannot be justified unless every link in the chain of logic supporting the treaty is beyond reproach.
A chain, we all know, is only as strong as its weakest link. We must have extraordinary confidence in the integrity of every link before we trust it. Has the process been sound? Has the globe warmed? Are we humans to blame? Will any warming continue? Would the impacts be terrible? Would the proposed solutions do any meaningful good? Will the benefits exceed the costs? Let any link in this chain of questions fail, and the treaty cannot be justified. It would be all pain, no gain and should be scrapped. Read more.

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