Sunday, October 24, 2010

Historical Climate Data from Old Ship Logs

Historical data from National Maritime Museum on Vimeo. is where you can help improve reconstructions of past weather and climate across the world by finding and recording historical weather observations in handwritten Royal Navy ship logs.
The problem? Computers get confused by modern handwriting, much less the swooping script of the early-Twentieth-century Royal Navy Sailors. The solution? Helpful people like you. In the mood for some high-seas adventure? Cruise over to Old Weather, view their tutorial, pull up a page from a ship’s log, and transcribe it, today!
We must not let climate activists do the transcribing – we must keep an accurate record!
I bet they will discover that it was cold in the winter, hot in the summer and the fall and the spring were somewhere in-between. The weather does change and it’s unpredictable every season. Anyhoo- I thought this was a nifty idea. Anyone have extra time to transcribe some old ships logs? I didn’t think so. Ah well.
More here.

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