Sunday, October 24, 2010

HHO Hydrogen – The New Age Fuel!

Hydrogen fuel is slowly becoming popular all over. Though tests are still being conducted to check its efficiency and the advantages that it can provide over the other fuels, the demand for HHO hydrogen is definitely on a rise. A time may come in the future when we will have hydrogen fuel station in every corner of the world, well who knows!

There are hydrogen cars which specifically run on HHO fuel but the engine of the normal cars can also be changed to make it suitable for hydrogen fuel. For the fuel to become popular, the source of hydrogen will have to become stable first. Cars that run only on hydrogen are not available in the market as of now but few companies are expected to launch such cars by 2010.
A car that will run on hydrogen will not only be environmental friendly but also give a great mileage. In fact such vehicles are expected to run for a month before they require another tank refilling. The mileage is likely to go up by 35-100%. Few hydrogen fuels are available in the market but because the source if so limited, they are highly priced and out of reach for the common man. In the current scenario it is better to covert the engine of your car to make it compatible with hydrogen fuel rather than buying the expensive hydrogen fuel cars.
These cars use water in place of gasoline and this will save you a lot of money. One of the biggest problems that we face today is of scarcity of energy resources. The type of fuel is likely to solve this problem in the coming years.

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