Friday, December 10, 2010

QUESTION: Didn’t the New York Times refuse to print the Climategate emails because they said that was “wrong”

From HillBuzzs
Here’s Joe Leiberman calling for a Congressional investigation of the New York Times for publishing sensitive diplomatic cables leaked by Julian Assange and WikiLeaks…including material that identifies key targets for terrorists at US installations around the world.

I remember the New York Times making up a lame excuse for why it was not properly covering Climategate…where the Times said it was because it was “wrong” to publish “private emails” going back and forth between scientists who were concocting false results to support whatever doomsday scenario Al Gore’s Cult of Anthropogenic Global Warming came up with that day.
Do you remember this?
How can the New York Times be allowed to have it both ways?
Do they have any credibility left at all? Read more here.

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