Sunday, May 2, 2010

Going after the Mann

From Don Surber
Virginia’s Republican attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli, made his move toward a Climategate lawsuit by demanding that the University of Virginia turn over documents related to when Michael “Hide the Decline” Mann worked for that state institution.

From Courteney Stuart: “If Cuccinelli succeeds in finding a smoking gun like the purloined emails that led to the international scandal dubbed Climategate, Cuccinelli could seek the return of all the research money, legal fees, and trebled damages.”
Cuccinelli is just in the first stages of whatever legal action — if any — he takes.
From Courtenay Stuart: “Among the documents Cuccinelli demands are any and all emailed or written correspondence between or relating to Mann and more than 40 climate scientists, documents supporting any of five applications for the $484,875 in grants, and evidence of any documents that no longer exist along with proof of why, when, and how they were destroyed or disappeared.
“The Attorney General has the right to make such demands for documents under the Fraud Against Taxpayers Act, a 2002 law designed to keep government workers honest.”
If he does file a lawsuit, this would be the first case brought against Chicken Little Inc. following the disclosure that the predictions of doom forecast by the Nobel-winning IPCC were a pack of lies. Cuccinelli, 41, took office in January and has, as Courtenay Stuart pointed out, “directed public universities to remove sexual orientation from their anti-discrimination policies, attacked the Environmental Protection Agency, and filed a lawsuit challenging federal health care reform.”
His health care lawsuit differs from the one 14 states signed up for.
If he succeeds on these counts, Cuccinelli may be the most important attorney general since William Wirt.
By the way, Democrats asked him how much his legal challenge of Obamacare would cost Virginia. Cuccinelli replied in a press release: $350 — and then added “If the suit is successful, the savings to the Commonwealth of Virginia alone is estimated by the governor’s office to be about $1.1 billion from 2015-2022. This is because if the health care reform act remains law, Virginia would realize an additional $1.1 billion in costs for the new Medicaid requirements called for in the act. This savings figure does not take in to account the tax and fee savings to individuals and businesses if the federal law is struck down as unconstitutional.”
He gets it.
Meanwhile, from Fox News: Michael Mann, “The Penn State climate professor who has silently endured investigations, hostile questioning, legislative probes and attacks by colleagues has finally spoken out. He says he’ll sue the makers of a satirical video that’s a hit on You Tube.”
That settles it. Of course I must post the video — with an earworm warning: Read more.

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