Friday, January 22, 2010

Ethiopian dam threatens Kenyans’ survival - End of the world scare tactics again!

This is just another case of some lefty nitwit thinking he knows what is best for Africans. It sure looks to me like the abundance of hydro power from this dam could be of great benefit to the Kenyans. Even if Leakey (good name for an anti-dam guy) thinks it will be the end of the world as we know it. Let's check this out again after the dam has been in operation for two years.
Nairobi (AFP) Jan 20, 2010 – Famous archeologist/environmentalist Richard Leakey warns that hundreds of thousands of Kenyans’ survival is being threatened by a one-third completed 240-meter-high Ethiopian hydro-electric dam costing €1.4 billion on Lake Turkana’s primary tributary, the Omo river. Leakey told Agence France Presse news agency on Wednesday that the dam, being built by an experienced Italian construction company, might even create ‘cross-border conflicts’: "The Ethiopian dam project is going to bring nothing but tragedy and harm to Kenya.’

The Omo river supplies 80 percent of all the water in Lake Turkana on the Kenya-Ethiopia border. The experienced Italian dam-builder Salini Costruttori has been fast-tracking the giant 240-metre tall Gilgel Gibe III dam, planning to complete it within four years. Read more.

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